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What is Outright Betting? Guide to Always Winning Money

What is Outright Betting? Should You Engage in This Bet to Profit Before Gaining Experience?

Outright betting is a familiar type of bet for seasoned players due to its exceptionally high winning opportunities.

To ensure you don't miss out on the opportunity to get rich quickly, let's go through some details with Ontop88.

What is Outright Betting?

Just as the name suggests, outright betting tips soccer is a form of betting based on the final result of an entire tournament or season you're following.

Players only find out if they've won money when the organizers determine which team ultimately wins the championship.

Types of Outright Betting

However, you can start monitoring scores right at the beginning of the season with attractive high odds.

Usually, outright bets apply to major tournaments like the Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, etc., but this doesn't mean smaller leagues don't offer these bets.

Types of Outright Bets

The key to effective outright betting is choosing the right type of bet instead of just predicting the eventual champion.

This is because bookmakers have divided bets into various types to meet players' needs.

These bets include:

Betting on the team to qualify.

Betting on the team to reach the semi-finals.

Betting on the team to reach the finals.

Betting on the player with the most goals in the tournament.

Betting on the best player of the season.

Betting on the team conceding the fewest goals.

Betting on the most favored team.

And more.

Basic Strategies for Outright Betting

In general, this form of betting is quite simple and suitable for all types of players.

To participate, you only need to select one of these bets and place your money on the team or player you prefer.

When the results are determined, the bookmakers will base their payouts on the betting odds, the amount wagered, and the payout ratio.

Playing Outright Bets: How to Play at Bookmakers

Here's a guide on how to view and predict outright bets at bookmakers for beginners:

Log into your account as usual and open the sports hall => football betting board.

Now, choose outright bets from the list on the left side of the screen and follow the bookmaker-provided scores.

Players will choose the odds ratio they want to play and change the bet amount as desired to confirm the order.

If you receive a notification, it means you have successfully placed your soccer under tip.

Just wait for the results and receive automatic rewards from the bookmaker.

How Much Can You Win with Outright Bets? Calculating the Money

Besides the information and sharing above, many players are probably wondering how much they can win with these final result bets.

In reality, there's no fixed number for this issue; it depends on the initial stake and the corresponding odds ratio.

Players can apply the following formula to calculate:

Winning money = Initial stake x Odds ratio.

Losing money = Initial stake.

So, the more you bet, the more chances you have to pocket a huge reward separately, and vice versa.

Note: Betting heavily also carries the risk of large losses, so players should carefully consider before participating.

How to Win Outright Bets Like an Expert

Most players find it challenging to achieve the desired results when participating in outright betting due to lack of experience and skills.

Therefore, I'll reveal to you right away some foolproof formulas that even bookmakers must fear:

Don't bet early because there isn't much information or a basis for your analysis at this time.

You can bet on your favorite team if the club has promising match results.

Have a reasonable investment strategy if betting on multiple bets at once; you shouldn't play too big in one bet.

Prefer to analyze bets in major tournaments where it's difficult to manipulate results or cheat.

Experience in Catching Outright Bets

Release bets immediately when detecting signs of collapse.

Don't choose reckless bets in this form because outright bets are just a side bet.

Collect additional information, analysis from experienced experts.

If you want to try luck and intuition, you can also play this bet, but it's best not to expect to earn a lot of money from it.

Some Notes When Betting Outright

You can see this bet is extremely simple, easy to understand, but hidden behind it are the implicit rules that players need to remember.

Firstly, outright bets only count the result at the tournament's final match.

Next, all results depend on the referee's decision to control the match.

Players or teams suddenly withdraw; the corresponding betting person will be refunded.

You can bet on many different bets in this form.


What is outright betting? It's no longer difficult for you but has become an opportunity to get rich at online bookmakers.

To make your betting more effective, don't forget to apply the experiences, tips, and tricks I've shared.

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