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Charleston or Bust!

The guys in Such Fast are close to Charleston. This is what I heard today from our awesome weather and land support guy (thanks Dave M!).

Hey Everyone,

I heard from the boys today.  They are all good and sailing is easy.  They are back in the breeze making roughly 8 knots straight for Charleston.  The weather looks good with plenty of wind but not too much wind.  They look like they have 15 knots of breeze.  They clicked the "all ok" button at 4:30pm today on their Spot Tracker.

I calculated that they are only about 190 miles from Charleston which is closer than I thought.  I suspect they will arrive in the next day or two. They have 12 gallons of fuel left so it is close but with only one day left they should be fine.   Currently they are straight west of Jacksonville, FL and making good time to Charleston.

That's all the news for now!

This was an image leaving BVI.

We are hoping they will be in to Charleston by Wednesday. For all the guys coming in, they could use a lot of help getting everything off the boat, de-watering and cleaning. Please stay posted to this website as this is where I’ll communicate updates. If any of you need to contact me (Kristen) you can at 720.315.4642.

Safe travels to the crew coming into Charleston!

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