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Darn Prop!

After the Ft. Lauderdale to Key West Race, Dave and Phil delivered Such Fast back up the coast to Coconut Grove Yacht Club. During the return, the engine spun the prop. What we didn't know was that having a more powerful engine could potentially do that but what we also didn't know was that the prop had some faulty parts that failed that maybe shouldn't have. Nonetheless, Dave ended up having to try and take the prop off while it was on the buoy. It would be so expensive to pull the boat out, why not try a little under water mechanics?! Nothing like taking a cold swim on a windy day getting a prop off underwater!

Long story short, we don't currently have a working prop to start our delivery to Sint Maartin. Dave's been working endlessly to order a prop (from Denmark no less), borrow a prop from another local 1D35 (thank you John!) - you name it! We are supposed to start the delivery on Sunday, February 10. Not sure how this is going to delay us but we need a propeller.

Borrowed a prop!


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