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East Coast & Caribbean

Quite a few years ago Dave had a dream of taking his sailboat to the East Coast and Caribbean to race (I actually thought it was his excuse of making a "rum run"), and he decided 2019 was the year...but before Such Fast could hit the road, there was much work to be done.

Getting ready for some bottom paint (yes, it's on the saddles!)

David put in a new engine, new Garmin equipment, etc. He even made his own bunks that double as gear holders and did his own sewing! Countless hours were spent getting this boat ready for such a journey.

On January 4th, Dave and his buddy Guy from Montana (thanks Guy!), set out from Seattle to drive his 1D35 to Florida to start this adventure. 4,000 miles later (via Interstate 10 = no snowy passes) the boat sits on a buoy off Coconut Grove Yacht Club waiting for it's second race (he raced Ft Lauderdale to Key West in January). The work and adventure started way before January 4th though. Outfitting the boat with new systems and rigging was just the beginning.

After the long journey to Florida, the boat went to the boat yard at Cracker Boy, in Riviera Beach, Florida, to finish up the work and reinstall mass and rigging before putting it in the water.

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