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Nosotros trabajamos muy rapido {We work very fast}

Such Fast rolling into San Diego around 3pm Saturday...much work to be done before Thursday!


PV Race prep 2022...

It's been a hectic few days preparing the boat down here in San Diego for the race to Puerto Vallarta this upcoming Thursday, March 10th. It was even unclear whether or not we may even bring the boat south with some of the issue's we've had with the boat, but we've solved them and here we are!

Monday March 7th:

Today is continued work on rigging the boat so we can hopefully splash tomorrow. The lists are extensive and thankfully we have six of us to accomplish what we've set out for today. Dave, Nathan, Stuart and Tara Lee - crew members arrived early to start prepping. Kristen, Dave's girlfriend and Ross, Tara Lee's fiancée are supporting the crew by cooking up food, making lunches and pouring yummy Rum drinks! Yesterday was pretty successful on marking off items on the list! But there is still lots of work to be done. Much Work, such busy!

Our cute little crew house for the week...just a few blocks from the Marina. A bit of a tight fit but happy to have everyone together vs in separate hotel rooms! Good for comradery, saves on eating out (home cooked meals!) and overall less expensive.

Meanwhile...back at the house, Tara Lee (crew member and food person extraordinaire) has been packaging the food for the crew for the race that she so carefully picked out. The crew has individual daily food bags - to make sure they have adequate calories each day. Tara Lee has worked numerous hours working through the right kinds of foods (protein/carb/fats) to make sure each crew member has the best fuel for their body each day, for optimal performance, every day of the race (unless it goes past 6 days, it'll be protein bars! from there on out).

Most people have no idea that amount of detail that goes into sailboat racing. For example, with food planning for these races, some boats choose to operate soley on protein bars, coffee and water so it doesn't add too much weight to the boat.

We want our crew to be HAPPY with the food (coffee is a must! and a few fun treats can help when tiredness sets in) while at the same time, we are considering calories, the type of “fuel” given to each person and watching the weight of the food.

Tara Lee also jumped in several days and worked at the boat!

There are always hiccups and we've had our share of them this year. First with the rudder and the repairs to the rudder to make sure it's seaworthy. Dave, the skipper, puts his hands on almost everything before it goes into the ocean. His crew this year put in countless hours improving systems and making repairs. Shout out to an awesome crew!! Another crew member, Adam C, used a 3D printer to build a new gimble for the jetboil for the galley. Adam also worked with Dave to do the repairs on the rudder/ball bearing. Adam is also so great with our electrical systems and Nav Station on the boat.

The new gimble for the Flash Jetboil!

Electrical and Nav station work

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