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St Maarten or Bust

Day 10/11

Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea:1

Dave/Kristen/Such Fast: 0

Keeping it real. This bar none has been the most challenging delivery of a sailboat - not just for me but for Dave. I think we’ve gone around 1300/1400 miles so far. We have not made it to St Maarten yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Every day we’ve been beating up into the wind and waves and we are worn out. The wind has been 15-20 knots the last few days. We slipped into Puerto Rico like we mentioned and that was a much needed reprieve. Frankly we needed the rest. Plus we had some business things to attend to. Its been crazy difficult taking a race sailboat in those wind direction and wave conditions. If we had a swan boat or something more stout, maybe...but I still wouldn’t do it. Somewhat torturous! We have sailed around the clock and are completely spent. Dave has taken much longer shifts through the night and is completely exhausted. Doesn’t complain. Just does it.

He has been working on this dream for countless hours over countless weeks because he loves to sail and race...and he’s a “go big or go home” kinda guy. He lives out his dreams - doesn’t just talk about them. I admire that. I’m sure most of the people around him do too. I always hear “what’s Dave doing next?!”

Finishing up a few things in the Port of Puerto Rico.

We left PR at about 10:30pm and the wind direction wasn’t working for us to move forward. We tacked and danced around the same harbor I’m sure for 3 hours.

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