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STIR VI 2019 has officially begun

I don't have much detail from today since I'm in Colorado and not St. Thomas (and everyone is at the party having their rum and coke) but Such Fast had a pretty decent day of racing.

You can see the results here:

Photo cred:

They came in 2nd and 4th...outta 4 in their class. ;) The CSA rating (Caribbean Sailing Association) for Such Fast stinks but they are having fun. Only 5 crew for St Thomas - needing more crew for weight.

When Dave got back to St. Maarten to the boat (it was there for 2 weeks) there were a ton of barnacles that had built up under the boat over two weeks. Alex and Dave spent a lot of time scraping them off and sanding it down. Maybe gained a knot of speed? Maybe.

Most of the crew are boat owners/skippers themselves and very competitive...lots of chiefs onboard you know?!! and I'll leave it at that! ;) Let's hope for lots of synergy tomorrow for day 2. Fun competition is what it's all about.

Eventually you can see more images from today and other results of this regatta at:

I'll be heading out tomorrow for St. Thomas so not sure if I'll be able to update....

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