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Such Fast Headed Home

Updated: May 16, 2019

In the boatyard in Charleston...

Final packing before hitting the road...

It’s hard to believe we’re on the tail end of this great sailing adventure. Dave and his younger brother Dan are driving the boat back to Seattle from Charleston as I write. Thanks Dan for giving up a week to do this with Dave! This whole endeavor could not have happened without the help of so many people. They are currently in the longhorn state making good time.

Dave took off to Charleston, SC from my place in Denver this past Saturday (May 11th) to get the boat ready for the cross country trip. Mast came out Monday afternoon and shortly after that, they got on the road. I know how thankful Dave has been for Big Dog - who has consulted with him over truck routes for driving the boat home. Thanks Big Dog!

Highway 20 then 10 to California has the best roads to keep the boat from getting too damaged. What most people don’t know is every state requires a permit for oversized/overweight vehicles - something you have to get ahead of time and pay for. Still waiting on a couple states to provide those permits...thank goodness for fax app’s on the cell phone!

Truck stop in Texas.

Hard to believe it was January 4th that Dave, Guy (Montana friend) and Such Fast set out for Florida and the Caribbean. Blink! That’s how fast it went. We have so many fun memories and pictures that tell this adventurous story. Overall, the trip was amazing and one of the biggest adventures accomplished. I’m not sure how many people would have the vision and actually pull it off - but that’s Dave...go big or go home!!

We also had some hard things along the way; yeah, it wasn’t all rainbows and Unicorns! There were things that broke on the boat (propeller, bow sprit, etc), tense moments amongst the frustrations about tactics and decisions made. Its hard to have a boat full of skippers and not as many crew if you know what I mean! A trip of this magnitude doesn’t come without challenges. That’s real life...but on the balance it was a pretty amazing adventure. What I think matters most through whatever you’re doing is how you handle those bumps in the road, appreciating the magnitude of the adventure with those bumps and savoring the fun shared with everyone involved. Like Dave’s computer wallpaper says...Shit Goes Down On the Boat. It just does - it’s part of life and especially boating life. There can be beauty and growth from some of the most challenging parts of life - that is if you choose to look at it that way.

We did happen to get a little blurb written up in the May issue of Latitude 38....

The guys are driving into the Texas sunset tonight as they continue on towards Seattle...

That’s the update for now. I’m hoping to get a contributing editor (hint hint) for the Charleston Race Week to update everyone from that event. Text me if you’d like to do a write up!

Homeward bound...

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