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Such Fast is on the move again....

It's been a while since we've posted...and it's time to catch everyone up! We are gearing up for another year of racing fun! Soon we'll unveil the races that we plan to do this upcoming year. What I can tell you is that we'll be spending a lot of time in the Southwest in 2020. The next race Such Fast will be doing locally, will be Around the County (race around the San Juan Islands) the weekend of November 8th. The crew is set, the housing is set and the boat is close to launching. Getting the boat back into the water will also give us an opportunity for no racing crew practice with the new sails. Stay tuned for those opportunities. The boat has been in the yard at DMYC and the bottom has been freshly painted. Hopefully David is not still high on the xylene from the paint! David, Patrick and Kristen moved the mast from the boathouse today and the boat and mast will head for Tacoma tomorrow to the boatyard for final preparations to launch. The keel needs repaired from Caribbean damage so hopefully that'll not be too complicated! (It's tough having a 7'7" draw) In the Caribbean, there were 18 soft groundings...but whose counting?!! (uh, err...David)

Stay tuned...we'll be in touch with more of a detailed scheduled. There is always much to be done regarding logistics, boat movement, etc. so if you want to help, touch base with David. He always welcomes good help! It takes a crew....

Such Fast preparing for Halloween...looking a bit like Casper the Faster Ghost.

Happy Fall y'all...

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