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Sunday Skipper Update

(by David Garman, aka Bad Robot)

Hello everyone,

We continue to operate our boat gently as the winds are very light. All movements are slow to not disturb the boat. The off watch boys decided to try our brand new Ullman S-1 spinnaker, it is 1/2 oz fabric, a little smaller than the one we have been using, the S-2, and is flatter. This means that it can be sheeted tighter and still stay full. It is generally a light air spinnaker for reaching, (ie staying more closer to the wind or even upwind). The new S-1 we found out is all white. (Didn't know that yet!)

The crew provisions are great (good job Chris), and everyone is fully hydrated and fed. We all are looking a bit pink, and with the clouds, the temperatures are very comfortable above and below decks. I think sunscreen has not been on everyone's mind.

Something you might not know, is that boats in the ocean can be very, very warm below. This race boat only has a forward round hatch, and the companionway. If the weather is light like now, we can open the forward hatch, if not, then it can get very hot below. And don't forget that we run the engine every 12 hours to charge the batteries, and the heat stays in the boat.From my view from the water, the crew is focused on boat making miles, everyone is now rested from the multi-week marathon on getting to the start line, and most importantly we are actually here. We are spending time talking about what we should have done, and what we can do with what we have. Looking forward to more wind as we make our way to Cabo, and some fast sailing. All minds are present and accounted for. We have already come together to use all suggestions to solve some small gear issues, and with the never before amount of off boat communication, we are more informed and more focused.

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