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Three days in - PV Race 2020

Just heard from boat tactician, Spencer. They sent this last night but it did not trasmit until today...

Saturday Mar 7 2020. 2054 PST

We are still chasing down the lead boat in our fleet. The crew is working hard to keep the boat moving and to work out all of our personal space - double bunking a must and personal music taste are present - Rolling Stones are some where in the mix.

For most of the crew this is a first time race, some have raced to PV and in PV for Mexorc but for most of us it is a first time run. The weather has been good - wind conditions have been challenging but the moon - which is almost full is lighting the way for us all.

"It has been a great effort by everyone to assist David and KJ to get Such Fast to the starting line and we have great expectation to a great finish in PV." - Stuart Burnell

Those who were feeling a touch of sea sickness at the early days have now found their sea legs. Boat projects continue...a seemingly never ending task. The electric de-watering pump is sweet. Easy to keep the boat dry and fast. The weather routing has been fairly typical for this racecourse. We're playing the daily thermals against as well as our fleet tactics. All a bunch of risk/reward decisions. The boat, as well as all other boats in the race, are remaining in PST despite the rest of the West Coast switching to PDT. Interesting to note how few of the crew noticed the difference. Those not in the Nav Station are really disconnected to the Real World.

The crew are in good shape and laughs are abound. The two watch teams have named themselves Victory Renegades and The Tres Pinas. The Victory Renegades include skipper Dave Garman, Stuart Burnell, and Adam Chevrier. The Tres Pinas include Spencer Kunath, Bob King, and Chris Roberts. The Helmsmen Polar Performance Championship is underway. {Side note from Kristen: Always good to see healthy competition among these men - I'm sure they just want the bragging rights! So fun!}

We got beat on the outside and are trailing the boat Sizzle by seven hours, Billy Hardestey, Skipper, in corrected distance made good. He is one hard sucker to track down. Suppose that's why he won Rolex Yachtman of the year. Race tempo should elevate after Mag Bay.

Over and out!

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