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Vamanos to The Sea of Cortez!

I know I didn’t blog about it yet but Such Fast came in second place in the PV Race out of San Diego! They did an amazing job!

Right after that race was a fun week of racing the last official Mexorc in PV with amazing crew; Spencer, Stuart, Rod, Bob, Tara, David and Kristen. We didn’t take home any trophies but we had some great legs of sailing a few days. I’ll blog more about these races in the future!

Dave and I are headed out in the morning for an adventure of a lifetime in the Sea of Cortez on the 1D35.

Tomorrow we leave Puerto Vallarta, MX and will self selectively quarantine ourselves and head for Isabela Island...then onto La Paz on the Baja and head up the east coast hitting favorite islands and secluded white beaches along the way. Jacque Cousteau once named the Sea of Cortez “The Worlds Aquarium” - here’s an awesome article covering this area:

The winds look favorable the next couple weeks and hopefully the salt air will keep our bodies healthy and strong as we keep our safe 6 foot, I mean 600 mile distance. We have a spear gun, SUP, water, boat sound system, BBQ, iridium GO, land support, love and all our food/Med provisions...what else would we need?!!

One of the amazing parts of an adventure like this is the serendipitous moments you meet the kindest people. Strangers who are so willing to help you with your adventure in significant ways that have no benefit for themselves. Just sheer kindness. Today we met two men that went above and beyond. Such a blessing!

Yesterday we spent hours looking for a boat grill for our trip with absolutely no luck. We went to every recommended store in PV. Today, we visited the last recommended store and met a store worker named Fabian Torres Martinez. After several minutes of talking he found a man who sells little propane grills on Facebook marketplace. He hooked us up with him and boom, we have ourselves a BBQ. We were so thankful for his time and willingness to help us and you know what he said? He said, helping others doesn’t cost him anything but the gift of time and the desire to offer help. We all have much to learn from this awesome man. Thanks Fabian. We always want to pass that forward.

The second man who significantly made a mark on us today was the Harbor Master at Marina Vallarta, Pablo Fernandez Gonzalez. He took about 1.5 hours out of his day to go through the Sea of Cortez charts to help us navigate what he believes would be the most amazing trip. He himself has spent significant time in the Sea of Cortez (aka Gulf of California) and shared stories and experiences of beautiful islands, secluded beaches, people to connect up with, wonderful marinas and marine life sanctuaries. Information like this is priceless. He is a remarkable person with an array of experiences. He originally came from Spain to Mexico because his Father was a Spanish ambassador in Mexico. He was a professional sailor and still loves the sport. He now runs a very well oiled marina with amazing staff. Thank you Pablo for the advice today and we look forward to sharing our experience with you!

We also want to thank Liz and her parents for hosting our crew for our final evening together. They were incredibly generous and the best hosts! We had amazing drinks and eats all evening along with some pretty crazy fun and laughs!

Tonight’s our last night in a hotel and tomorrow starts this adventure on this little 35’ racing/cruising! (ha) sailboat. We are not completely sure of how exactly this World pandemic is going to play out - but will be keeping a tap on what’s happening in the news with our awesome land support guy, Spencer Kunath.

Buenas Noches!

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What a wonderful bunch of rapscallions!

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